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AGT Time is a weekly podcast that covers the NBC hit talent competition, America's Got Talent. Cody and Jay recap the season when the show airs during the summer-time. During the offseason, they rewatch older seasons. AGT Commenter, a frequent contributor, appears on the podcast to give expert analysis about the acts. We love talking to current and former contestants about their experience on the show. 

Podcast episodes come out on Fridays.

Aug 13, 2022

Ameria's Got Talent Season 17 lives shows are finally here and Cody and Jay are here to cover the first qualifiers episodes. There is a lot to talk about here including, but not limited to, the performances, the format, and the results. Jay is back to give his amazing recaps and Cody admits that he was wrong about an...

Aug 5, 2022

Cody, Jay, AGT Commenter, and Stephen Anderson get together and draft the 55 acts that are going through to the live shows. Jay talks about what he did on his hiatus, gives us a review of some national parks, Cody has a major podcast announcement, and Stephen gets a compliment from Jay. The podcast is action-packed....

Aug 5, 2022

We have finally reached the last auditions episode of America's Got Talent season 17. AGT Commenter presents his monologue for the season so far. Cody and Commenter briefly recap the episode, they go over the acts going into the live shows, and Commenter delivers his numbers from the season. 

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Jul 29, 2022

Cody and AGT Commenter are back to recap the 8th auditions of America's Got Talent Season 17. Commenter tried to geographically gaslight Cody, we have Montreal Olympics trivia, and a podcast favorite returns to the show. All that you come to expect from an AGT podcast. Check it out and send us your thoughts.

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Jul 23, 2022

Cody & AGT Commenter are back to recap America's Got Talent season 17 auditions 7. Cody has to figure out what the 5 boroughs of New York are. Commenter gets quizzed on some Generation X sitcoms, and we get some great listener feedback. Tune in as we put on our Howie bald caps and pay tribute. 

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